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Dry nature Casing

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Dry  Casing : Soak the cleaned small intestine in clean water, remove the grease, serosa, and degreased small intestine from the outside of the intestinal tube, and place it in a clean water tank. Change the water repeatedly to remove the odor of blood, oil, and sodium chloride. After washing the cleaned intestinal coating, blow air with an air pump to expand the intestinal tube, and then place it in clean water to check for any holes. The inflated casing should be hung in a well ventilated area to dry.

Dry casing production includes 1 layer of 8 meter casing, 1 layer of 12 meter casing, and 2 layers of 16 meter casing. The caliber can be customized, producing smooth surfaces, grids, stripes, and other colors such as light yellow, black, and smoked.

Dried sausage casings are made using salami sausage, ham sausage, Italian ham sausage, Russian leg sausage, etc.

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